Eric Maslowski, Technical Creative Consultant

Digital Art
When one talks of "art" everyone has their own definition of what it is and what it's not. I follow the belief that an artist is someone who can draw freely from their imagination and art is the product of that. In many ways this makes everything ever created "art," but that doesn't mean it's not crap art, lazy art, or art that is simply uninspired. I'll leave those distinctions to critics, but to avoid placing everything I ever worked on in one section this place will hold works created for the sake of some visually creative goal using known methods. This includes, but is not limited to: special effects, animated shorts, digital stills, etc.


Fallen Souls
This was a fun project. Working closely with director Salvador Romello Barcena. I created a few special effects for his movie, Fallen Souls, including face replacements, decapitations, and cloth simulations.

Dead Retired
This image came from an idea I had many years ago about a retirement home for zombies. Old zombies who are no longer able to work in horror movies and have become a drain on their families.

Worker's Web
This project was created for a competition on CGNetworks in April, 2005. The theme was Master/Servant. I chose to depict a single servant (worker) ruled by multiple masters (bosses).

Osseolink Implant Animation
Created a 9 minute animation for Osseolink Corporation on their Dental Implant System. Needed to create folding skin, drilling into bone, and fluids in an iconic but representative style.

T-Shirt Designs
Back in the early 2000s I had the urge to learn more about merchandising and designing for it. So, I came up with a few concepts (with the help of a few friends) and converted them into simple drawings which were then added onto shirts/cups/hats/bags/coasters/etc.

Another Day
Decided to do a tutorial for PixelCorps on Organic Modeling in 3D Studio Max showing a method I've been using since the 90s. The tutorials were a big success with "Alfred" here being the subject for this piece.

PictureIt Rare Book Reader
With a growing need for a more natural method to interact with the vast number of scanned books (both rare and common), an online template-based system was created for the Library's rare Audubon collection which allows for one to "turn the page" of these otherwise untouchable volumes.

Converting a Sculpture to Stereoscopic 3D
A local artist wanted to take his various "relief" sculptures and present them in 3D using the classic ViewFinders (cool!). He needed to convert his sculptures to stereoscopic 3d images and that's where I and the UM3D Lab helped out.

Sculptural Motion
A student at the University of Michigan had an interesting extension to the work done by Muybridge and Marey, the use of motion capture technologies to create sculptural form. Through resources at the UM3D Lab and some custom scripting, Mathew Schwartz created some impressive pieces.

Building a New Rome: The Imperial Colony of Pisidian Antioch
The UM3D Lab assisted with production and demonstration of an ancient Roman city for the University of Michigan's Kelsey Museum.

Universal Character System
Creating realistic digital characters can be an arduous task involving many separate tasks (modeling, uvs, texturing, rigging, animating). This project/experiment is looking at ways to cut down on the process and (in some cases) automate them.

Exploring space and coming up with unique concepts for architectural spaces can be challenging especially when you need to convey (and sell) that design to others. This project helped a student explore design choices and then showcase the final piece.

Nueron Visualization: Using Falloff Maps
I often needed to create images or animations for clients that captured some phenomena happening inside the body or at a microscopic level. This project made heavy use of falloff maps to obtain a very specific look desired by the client.

Miter Games
Disappointed with the "depth" of games in 2000, two friends and myself set out to create an independent game company that looked beyond the "space marines" that seemed to control the market at the time and create games that challenged the mind and reflexes through humor and social situations.

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