Eric Maslowski, Technical Creative Consultant

This is the section where an unsatiable curiosity of how things work and what is possible combines with sporadic resources to give birth to experiments. A place where the answer to "why" is often "why not?" and where failures are often more valuable than successes so one is forced to look at why it didn't work. Have fun learning from my successes and failures and I would love to hear about yours too.


Photogrammetry - Photofly
Modeling and texturing realistic 3d models can be very time consuming and painful task, but is needed for VFX, digital preservation, etc. Photogrammetry can cut down on the time needed to create these models/scenes drastically and put that power in the hands of anyone with a digital camera. Cool stuff.

Mind Powers - EPOC EEG Tests
Devices that read a persons brain (EEG) waves have always been very expensive pieces of equipment. Emotiv came out with one for the masses and an SDK to let those with interest to build programs around it. A few tests were done to see how well it works...

Kinect Hacks and Gesture Tests
The Kinect exploded on the gaming and natural user interface scene. People had it hacked within a few days and a collective desire to see how a depth sensing camera can be used was born...

This was a cool little application that was developed to help those working with masonry to design unique brick patterns and then execute those patterns on site using simple rules.

Sculptural Motion
A student at the University of Michigan had an interesting extension to the work done by Muybridge and Marey, the use of motion capture technologies to create sculptural form. Through the resources at the UM3D Lab and some custom scripting, Mathew Schwartz created some impressive pieces.

Physical Presence in Virtual Worlds
Advances in hardware and available tools has opened up many doors in terms of what is possible in virtual environments. This project focuses on improving the virtual physical presence of individuals inside the CAVE allowing them to physically interact with the virtual world around them.

Visual Effects Makeup
Having been fascinated by visual effects since I was knee high to a goat, I wanted to give some of the techniques a try including fake blood, wounds, prosthetics, etc. Aside from the ocassional burning sensation, this has been (and still is) a fun project.

Motion Capture and Movement Experiments
While I have done my fair share of lycra arobics and throwing myself to the ground while covered in reflective balls, these experiments go a little beyond that as lassos, dancers, pianists, wheelchairs, hacky-sack, and bouncing balls are captured.

Making Chocolate from Raw Beans
Wondering "just how hard is it to make chocolate?" I dove into the process not using any fancy machines or tools in order to gain a better understanding of how chocolate is made. If you're the type of person who reads the last chapter first, let me tell you that the process is hard...

Universal Character System
Creating realistic digital characters can be an arduous task involving many separate tasks (modeling, uvs, texturing, rigging, animating). This project/experiment is looking at ways to cut down on the process and (in some cases) automate them.

Stereoscopic Second Life
When Linden Labs released the source code to their Second Life viewer everyone was talking about it. Myself, and a few others, saw this as a great opportunity to add stereoscopic 3d capabilities to their viewer and leverage the media storm.

Miter Games
Disappointed with the "depth" of games in 2000, two friends and myself set out to create an independent game company that looked beyond the "space marines" that seemed to control the market at the time and create games that challenged the mind and reflexes through humor and social situations.

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