Eric Maslowski, Technical Creative Consultant

Research really is nothing more than formalized curiosity. when one searches with purpose in a formal setting. The pursuit of a greater goal and striving to see what others have not even though they are looking at the same thing. This section captures the various projects done with research in mind. The project may come from a formal grant, or may strive to unveil some great truth in a controlled setting. Any way you look at the value of research, I feel very fortunate to have worked with so many amazing scientists to help them pursue their curisoisity.


Back Quack is an online game created with support from CHRT and Blue Cross of Michigan which aims to educate general practitioners and patients in various forms of back pain and the proper treatments.

S.C.I. Hard
Those suffering from Spinal Cord Injuries must go through an intense learning process as they encounter a whole new world after their life changing injury. This game aims to ease this transition by introducing this new world in a fun and light hearted way.

Wayfinding in Assisted Living Homes
Assisted living homes have a tendency to be difficult to navigate for visitors let alone those living in the facility. This project aims to use virtual reality technologies to assess what visual cues the aged use when navigating assisted living homes in the hope of providing concrete guidelines for homes to follow.

Virtual Disaster Simulator
Mass casualty scenarios are inherently dangerous with many risks to those on site. Subjecting novices to such scenarios prematurely could lead to additional risks or dangers due to inexperience and poor decision making. This project looks at using Virtual Reality to help with the training process.

VR Dent - Low Cost Simulation Software
VRDent was a collaborative project between the Dental School and the UM3D Lab, the goal of which is to provide an advanced digital training model for Dental School students using low-cost commodity software/hardware.

3D Visualization of Renal Gene Clusters
Various forms of data are quite complex and often need new methods of exploration to intrepret the data or make discoveries. This project looks into the visualization of complex networks using the Virtual Reality CAVE.

Language Independent Functional Evaluation (L.I.F.E.)
An important aspect of rehabilitation is the assessment of a patient's abilities prior to and during treatment. Working with the department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, I helpeddeveloped a language independent toolkit that will allow effective functional assessment in non-english speaking countries.
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