Eric Maslowski, Technical Creative Consultant

Teaching and Learning
Time is the greatest teacher. Unfortunately, it ends up killing all of it's students. When initiallly learning computer graphics, there were no courses, tutorials, or teachers for me to learn from. My path was long and very difficult, as my only option was to teach myself. I think it's because of this that I am so sympathetic to those wanting to learn, but what drives me is the thrill of seeing someone's light bulb go off or their eyes light up as a new creative door opens before them. Whether teaching and learning takes place in a classroom, in front of a kiosk, or in a video'll find many of my efforts here.


Certified Instruction
There are times when it becomes necessary to test one's skills and see if they really can do what their mind tells them they can. Obtaining certification served as the foudation and gave credibility to many of my teaching and consulting efforts.

EGo Lounge
What started as a simple "brain dump" of all things 3d studio Max grew into a place with over a hundred free tutorials, resources, and online mentoring sessions.

3D Studio Max 101: A Comprehensive Guide (DVD)
This was my first venture into a commercial training DVD. Weighing in at 22hrs in length I tried to give the beginner a complete overview of 3D Studio Max without getting lost in details specific to a particular domain/field. Created for Eat3D.

S.C.I. Hard
Those suffering from Spinal Cord Injuries must go through an intense learning process as they encounter a whole new world after their life changing injury. This game aims to ease this transition by introducing this new world in a fun and light hearted way.

Series - Stereoscopic 3D Tutorials
Creating stereoscopic 3d images and movies isn't as hard as many people may think (at least on a simple level). I have created a series of tutorials to help those interested in Stereoscopic 3D (S3D) covering topics such as creating S3D from a single camera, converting to different aspect ratios, etc.

Building a New Rome: The Imperial Colony of Pisidian Antioch
The UM3D Lab assisted with production and demonstration of an ancient Roman city for the University of Michigan's Kelsey Museum.

Back Quack is an online game created with support from CHRT and Blue Cross of Michigan which aims to educate general practitioners and patients in various forms of back pain and the proper treatments.

Digital Media Academy
I was contacted to teach at a summer technology camp dealing with next-gen asset creation in Unreal . Students were expected to create their own assets, bring them into the engine, and design a level featuring their asset in one week.
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